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Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Feeling "stuck" is such a common theme in so many people's live. You might feel stuck in a job or a relationship or a city or a situation that feels out of alignment with your higher purpose. The idea of changing things seems so daunting. It can sometimes be overwhelming to the point of paralyzing you into a state of stasis.

I bet you can easily give me a list of the many reasons that you can't make a change…of all the things that are forcing you to stick with your current situation. “I can’t afford it”; “I have people depending on me”, “If I don’t do it no one else will”, “My skill set won’t allow me to quit my job and start a new career”; "I'm scared I'll fail"....and so on.

The first step to creating the life you dream of is to just set the story you've been telling yourself aside for just a sec. What is it that you really want? Do you have a vision in your head of the life you want to be living, but you just don’t believe it’s actually possible to get there? Or...Maybe you'd tell me you have no idea what you even want. Either way, let’s just pretend none of that exists for a minute and talk about possibilities.

What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel like you are using your gifts to bring more beauty into the world? What ways can you give back that feel meaningful to you? What are the elements of your vision that you’re so desperately longing to bring into your life? What is the feeling you'd like to create more of in your life? What were your favorite activities as a child?

The first step to BIG change is to find small ways to bring these elements into your life, and chooseto make space for them. This could be as small as deciding that you’re going to spend 5 minutes a day focusing on the things that you’re grateful for; or maybe it will be going for a walk every morning or evening; meditating; stretching; writing; drawing; painting; singing; taking a class; bringing blankets or food to homeless people; smiling at people you meet on the street even when you feel grumpy. What little things can you do to make your life feel fuller right now? Really stop and think about this. need to choose to follow through. You get to choose in each moment of your life what you're going to do in that moment. When the alarm goes off in the morning, you get to choose to either snooze it, or get up and take that walk. You get to choose  whether you're going to get sucked into social media on your phone, or you're going to spend a few minutes learning a new chord on the guitar. No one else gets to choose for you!! Yes, of course, there are certain things that are outside of your control that may need your attention in any given moment, but there are so many opportunities each day to make different choices than you’ve been making. Choose to make space for the things that bring more joy into your life and commit to it!!

All day long, you have these opportunites to choose to create your life. YOU choose. This is your own life to design. What an amazing opportunity! In each moment, think about what choice has the most potential to bring joy or purpose into your life and propel you forward. Each of these small choices builds upon itself. Before you know it, your life is transforming. New opportunities begin to present themselves. The vision you have for your future becomes more and more clear.

I can't say this enough times: The choice is yours. You are the ONLY person who can choose what your life will be. No one else can get into your head and hear the call that is beckoning for you to grow into your highest potential. Do yourself, and the whole world, a favor and choose to do what makes you feel alive. Choose the opportunites that give the rest of us the chance to experience the unique and beautiful gifts you bring to the world. I can promise will not regret it.


I am deeply passionate about helping women to live full, inspired, purposeful lives. I'll work with you to transform the self-doubt, fears, old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your most full life, and will help you to create a strategy to change it all up and live the life you've been dreaming of! (And't worry! I'm happy to work with you, too!)

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