How to find your Life's Purpose

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

What are you doing here on Earth??

How much time have you spent wondering what you're supposed to be doing with your life? How often do you feel like the work you're doing isn't what you're here for at all...that you're not using your gifts...that you don't find meaning in the way that you currently spend most of the hours of most of your days? How often do you get the sense that you're wasting your life??

You're not alone.

I talk to so many people who just don't feel like they're doing work that is meaningful. They're not using their gifts. The work they do and the way the spend their days is not filling their soul. They feel like there should be something more...something bigger. But, they don't know how to find their purpose.

First of all, it's important to understand that living into your soul's purpose does not necessarily have to be connected to the work you do to earn a living. Your purpose may very well may lead you in the direction of a career that feels meaningful to you, but you can have purpose in your life even if your job feels menial, or feels anything less than purposeful.

Ask yourself this. What brings you joy?

I'm not asking what brings you joy and which might ALSO bring you income. I'm simply asking, "What brings you joy?" Take a minute to list 10 things that bring joy into your life. Do you like to read, to hike, to bike, dance, cuddle kitties, go to the beach, or spend time with friends? Any 10 things will do!

These things are meaningful! Experiencing joy IS part of your purpose. Experiencing joy, feeling love, sharing time with others, learning, appreciating all of the adventures as well as the beautiful, quiet moments in life....these are all a part of your purpose!

Your purpose isn't just one big's not just your career path, or being parent, or making a difference in the world through the work that you do. Your purpose is everything that fills your soul. It's everything that brings you joy. It's everything you do that brings joy to others.

Prioritize the things that bring you joy! Bring more of them into your life, more often. You get to create this amazing life of yours!! You get to choose how to spend your time. Make sure you find time to do the things that you enjoy.

Now...I know that many of you are looking for the "big" answer....the answer to what you're supposed to be doing with your life...that's ok too! And, it's completely normal.

It's a very human desire to want to feel like we're having a positive impact on the world, that we're doing work that's meaningful, that we're using the gifts and talents we were blessed with in t

his life.

It's so important to understand that it's ok if you aren't clear on what direction to head with your career. It's ok to just be in the "unknowing" place. Your life will unfold in its own way and in its own time. I promise.

It's also pretty fabulous to know that when you're searching for more purpose in your life, there are, indeed, some things you can do to start moving in the right direction.

1. Listen to your intuition! I know you have a little voice in your head that presents you with ideas, both big and small. Listen to that voice! Sometimes the call is faint, but it's there. The more you listen to that voice, the clearer it becomes. The more you act on those instinctive hits that you get, the more you'll hear them guiding you. The more you hear your intuition speaking to you, the more it will guide you in the direction that will bring the most purpose into your life. Keep listening for that voice, and keep following! (Sometimes the call is to do something as small as walking to work on a different street that usual. Listen! You never know who you may meet, there.)

2. Let Fear be your guide. We're so programmed to let fear stop us. If something feels scary, we move away from it. It's a natural instinct that we (thankfully!) developed to protect us from predators and certain death. What I'm encouraging you to do isn't to do anything dangerous, of course. I'm talking about taking a risk and doing something that you're afraid to do.

I've learned that if there's something that feels scary, that's exactly the direction I should be going in.

It's scary to get up and sing in front of people, so I'm doing it more and more. It's scary to put my art out into the world, knowing that it will be judged, but doing so brings so much meaning into my life. It's scary to do Facebook Live videos, but I know that I have things to share that need to be shared, so I keep doing it anyway.

What are YOU afraid of?

I challenge you do move towards that fear instead of away from it. Do what you're afraid to do! Take a risk. I think of fear as a guiding star, offering beautiful rewards when I welcome it and lean into it. Try it out and see what it has to offer you.

3. Enjoy the journey. Remember that life isn't just about doing our "One Big Thing". It's about all the little things along the way. It's about sharing joy with others; being kind; smiling at strangers; helping out where we can; showing up for ourselves and making time for activities that fill our hearts.

Your purpose is sitting there, right in front of you. It's living within you in each moment. Welcome it in, in big ways and in small.


I am deeply passionate about helping women live full, inspired, purposeful lives. I'll work with you to transform the self-doubt, fears, old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your most purposeful life, and will help you to create a strategy to change it all up and live the life you've been dreaming of! (And't worry! I'm happy to work with you, too!)

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