How to Bring Alignment & Authenticity into Your Career or Business

3 Steps for Bringing Your Soul's Purpose & Passions into Alignment with your Business or Career Path

If you spend 40 or 50 hours a week at a job that feels meaningless and empty to you, you're not alone. This is an epidemic in our society.

As children, we were fed a story about what "success" looks like, and it can be very challenging to break free from that story. Many of us were told that success means that we make a lot of money. We may have been told that success comes from having a prestigious career. So many of us were taught that success is inextricably connected with working long hours for years on end.

Not nearly enough of us were taught that success means finding purpose and fulfillment throughout our lives. So many of us put aside the dreams that we had when we were young...the dreams of being an artist, musician, writer, designer, take a more "sensible" path.

We didn't realize how soul crushing it would be to spend so much of our lives working at a job that's out of alignment with our soul's deeper purpose...a job that doesn't utilize the amazing gifts and talents we were blessed with...a job that doesn't have a meaningful impact in the world.

I can't tell you how many people I talk with and work with you feel drained and depressed by the work they do.

The really frustrating thing is that so many of us just don't see a way out. So many of us have no idea what other career path we could even be working towards that might, potentially, bring us more joy and that deeper sense of fulfillment that we're so deeply longing for.

The answer lies in:

1. Learning to strengthen & follow our intuition

2. Prioritizing activities that bring us joy...right now &

3. Learning to be brave, vulnerable & face the fears that are stopping us

Strengthening & Following Intuition:

In order to strengthen our intuitive voice, we need to learn to quiet our minds long enough to hear it. We have so much mental chatter running through our heads all day, telling us all kinds of negative stories, dwelling fear, creating so much stress and anxiety, it's no wonder that so many of us think we don't have a strong intuition.

It's absolutely essential that we take at least a few short minutes a day to sit in silence, in meditation, and allow our thoughts to flow through, and right out of our minds. Just sit in silence and focus on your breath. It's ok if the thoughts keep popping into your mind. This is completely natural.

I find it very helpful to visualize my thoughts being placed into bubbles that slowly, gently, float away. Then return to my breath. Repeat.

Just a few minutes of daily meditation can have a profound effect over time. Stress levels are reduced, the mental chatter slows...even if just a tiny bit, and we give our intuition the opportunity to access our consciousness.

When we do have those moments of intuitive knowing, or those moments when we feel suddenly pulled towards a certain activity, or a new idea pops into our's essentially important that we begin to ACT on these bits of intuition. This strengthens our intuition. The more we act on our intuition, the more our intuition speaks to us.

It's very likely that we're not just going to suddenly know what we're meant to be doing with our lives, after a few weeks of meditation. The transformation comes from the consistent baby steps we're taking. Each time we act on our intuition, our lives change in the smallest of ways. These moments of change compound to create the transformation that we're craving.

Prioritizing Activities that Bring us Joy:

Here we are, alive on this planet, blessed with the opportunity to do experience joy, growth, creation, adventure...and soooo much more. This is not an opportunity to be wasted. This is an opportunity to be embraced & celebrated.

What is it that brings you joy? What activities do you love to do? Are you doing them??

It's so important to make time for the things in our lives that make us feel invigorated and alive, excited, joyful and fulfilled. We MUST do these things!!

If you can't think of activities that you might enjoy doing, think back to when you were a kid. What did you love to do? Did you love to sing, dance, play sports, read, make art, climb trees? It's NEVER too late to bring these things back into you life.

It DOES NOT matter if none of these activities is a career path. What matters is that you're doing things you love. You never know what doors might slowly open for you...what intuitive hits will be stirred up...what realizations you might have, when you're bringing more joy into your life.

Even if you're still working at a job that doesn't do it for you, you need to have other things in your life that breed joy and hope. I can't stress this enough.

Be Brave, Be Vulnerable, Face Your Fears:

The truth is, often times we DO have ideas about what we want to do with our lives, but those things seem so scary and require us to be so vulnerable and exposed that we ignore the calling.

Following our dreams can be so scary on so many levels.

What if we try and fail?? Wouldn't that be awful??

What if people see us fail? Wouldn't that be even worse??

What if people make fun of us, or we fall down, or we're not good enough, or we completely fail and lose everything we've invested and end up living in a cardboard box under the overpass???? WHAT IF??

I think that better questions are: What if you never try? What if you get to the end of your life and look back on it and know you never even tried to follow your dreams?

What if you could have made it, but didn't try? WHAT IF??

Following our dreams is always going to require us to be braver than we've ever been before. It's going to require that we expose our vulnerable truths. It's going to require that we walk toward our fears instead of turning away from them.'s always going to be worth it. Always.

If you're ready to make some big, brave changes in your life....if you're ready to get some help with aligning with your soul's purpose so you can create a life and career that you're passionate about, I'm offering a Clarity & Alignment 90 Minute Intensive for $175 (regular $195) until June 1st!!

We'll spend our one on one session:

1. Creating clarity around your soul's purpose and calling so you can bring more meaning and fulfillment into your life and career.

2. Identifying & breaking through the barriers and blocks that are stopping you from chasing a more meaningful life.

3. Creating 3-5 strategic, actionable steps to propel your forward, so you can truly begin to create a HUGE shift if your life.

It's amazing how much transformation we can create in 90 minutes!!

According to my fabulous clients:

Sarah is not the first coach I've worked with, but she is the absolute best. She is an expert and has a gift. I'm amazed and proud of the breakthroughs we made in just one session together! I would recommend her to anyone asking for a good coach.

-Christa, Belle Plain, MN-

Sarah is a natural fit for coaching. She has the innate intuition to use the information you are giving her and guide you to the other side for whatever is it you are working on. I feel like Sarah's guidance was crucial in getting me to land on my feet and in the right place to launch into a new exciting phase of my life. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who knows they could benefit from a little objective and intuitive coaching on the most effective way to take your fire to the next level.

-Wynter, Portland, OR-

I have grown in leaps and bounds since Sarah became my coach!! I have uncovered some deeply ingrained beefs I did not even know I had, and bust through them to actualize my true potential! Sarah's blend of guidance and accountability has taken my life to the next level. Truly greater. If you are considering working with a coach, she is the one to chose!!

-Christine, Portland, OR-

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