What my clients are saying: 

Megan~Vancouver, WA

"Working with Sarah will absolutely change your life! If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed, she is the perfect person to help you gain the clarity and direction you seek. Sarah is a natural coach and she clearly loves her work. She has a way of calming the chatter and dissolving the overwhelm in my brain. Thoughts that seemed so foggy before our conversation became crystal clear by the end of our call. Her approach combines fiery encouragement with calming and empathetic reassurance, and our sessions have lead to incredibly powerful and transformative results in my life. 

My sessions with Sarah went way beyond accountability. She methodically walked me through identifying my mental blocks and obstacles and then guided me through figuring out solutions and the exact baby steps I could take to progress toward my goal. After my very first session with her, I gained clarity around a business idea I hadn't yet shared with anyone, and I left our call knowing exactly which steps I would take next. When I get off the phone with her, I have experienced so many shifts in my thinking that my mind is humming and I feel more aligned with myself and my purpose.


With Sarah's help, I've been able to clearly define my goals, visualize the path, identify obstacles, and most importantly, take clear, focused action that leads to results. Sarah has helped me in multiple aspects of my life from my health to my business. If you want massive results, you definitely want Sarah in your corner."

Christine~Portland, OR

"I have grown in leaps and bounds since Sarah became my coach!! She offers the perfect balance of skill and intuition. Through working with Sarah regularly I have uncovered some deeply ingrained beliefs/stories I did not even know I had, and allowed me to bust through them to actualize my true potential!! Sometimes I don't even know what I need and she guides me to work on the most important thing in the moment. Her blend of guidance and accountability has taken my life to the next level. Truly grateful. If you are considering working with a coach, she is the one to choose!!!"

Marisa~Portland, OR

"Working with Sarah was instrumental in creating a clear and strategic framework for building the foundation of my travel company. I really value and appreciate Sarah's positive and supportive approach, by tuning into the essence of who I am and my unique goals. Her source of intuition really backed my confidence in committing to action-able steps to my career goals. I feel more brave in following through in what I came here to do in the world by working with Sarah as my coach. That is fundamental and pivotal in growing forward!"

Wynter~Portland, OR

"Sarah has the innate intuition to use the information you are giving her, and guide you to the other side of whatever it is you are working on. This past year has been a crazy year of transition and deadlines. I am in school, running my own business and I was also moving for the first time in 8 years. Sarah's guidance was crucial in getting me to land on my feet and in the right place to launch into a new exciting phase of my life. I would recommend Sarah as a coach to anyone who has a lot of irons in the fire, and who knows they could benefit from a little objective and intuitive coaching on the most effective way to take your fire to the next level."

Christa~Belle Plain, MN

"Sarah is not the first coach I've worked with, but she is absoltuely the best. She is an expert and has a gift. I'm amazed and proud of the breakthroughs we made in just one session together! I would recommend her to anyone asking for a good coach"

Mandy~Seal Beach, CA

"Working with Sarah helped me to make a head and heart connection which was an important aspect in building my business. Through her coaching I was able to recognize patterns in my thinking and behaviors that were holding me back from accomplishing my goals. Once I was able to align my outter actions with my inner purpose things really fell into place for me. Thank you Sarah!"