Sarah Medina Coaching


It's time to embrace your SHINE!! 

I'm here to help you confidently embrace your innate creativity and step into a deeply aligned, purposeful new life path. 

In your heart, you KNOW you're here on Earth for something more. You deeply crave a life that feels freeing, adventurous, JOYFUL, meaningful. You know that you're meant to use the beautiful gifts that you've been blessed with, but when you think about making a serious leap towards your dreams, your fears of failure, rejection, and not being good enough take over and paralyze you. It's such a painful place to be stuck in! 


Through deep inner work using subconscious re-programming, creating a powerful new mindset, increasing connection to your intuition and through somatic embodiment, you'll discover a completely new way of being in the world.


You'll develop clarity around what it is that you really want to create in your life. You'll experience newfound confidence & bravery. You'll learn how to move from inaction into fully embracing your creative genius and taking consistent, inspired action that propels you into the divine vision that you're holding in your heart. 



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